Maintaining a No-Wax Floor

As Needed: Sweep or vacuum to remove grit and dirt. Wipe up spills immediately.
Weekly: Clean floor using recommended cleaner. Cloth used to clean floor should be lightly damp (NOT WET). If water droplets can be seen on the floor after cleaning, too much cleaner is being used.
Stubborn Spots: Many cleaners can be applied directly to the floor lift spots.
Recoats: Usually after 2-5 years, depending on wear. This process should be considered when areas start showing a traffic pattern, but before the finish is worn completely through.
Sanding & Finishing: If recoats are done when required, a floor should not need to be sanded and finished. Sanding would be required in cases where a floor is severely dented, extremely worn or if a colour change is desired.
Do Not Use: Oil soaps, harsh detergents, waxes, vinegar.
Suitable Cleaners: W101 Glitsa CleanW103 Squeaky Cleaner

W107 Dura-Luster Cleaner

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